UK Heatwave to rival 2003 With temperatures reaching 33c and Supercell storms becoming widespread!

2018 is already shaping up to be a memorable one for any weather fans out there.

We had the Beast from the East part 1 & 2, We had a sizzling Easter, We had the hottest ever London Marathon and we have had a cracking May.

Now we may go one further and have a record breaking end of May bank holiday.

As temperatures rise over this weekend and into next week we develop an unstable atmosphere with low pressure over France.

This could lead to explosive thunderstorms with Supercell thunderstorms a real possibility.

This of course means a risk of a multiple lightning strikes, Flash flooding, Large hail and an outside chance of a Tornado!

As we go forward high pressure looks anchored close to the UK and therefor the good weather is looking set to stay.

Now, Who mentioned hose pipe ban?

Heat peaks today at up to 28c before Thunderstorms break out on Saturday!

Enjoying the hot spell?

As often is the case for the UK the heat and humidity looks set to be the perfect recipe for some big Thunderstorms with the potential for flash flooding on Saturday!

These storms will be isolated but the potential is there for many areas to catch one.

As the high begins to retreat eastwards pressure will fall and allow Atlantic fronts to move in from the west. This combination of warm sunshine and increasing humidity already in place will result in heavy showers or thunderstorms to break out across England, Wales, N. Ireland and southern Scotland.

The areas most likely to see the worst of the thunderstorms will be South West England & into the Midlands.

As we move into next week a more typical weather pattern takes over with an Atlantic low pressure close to the North, So it is looking cooler, cloudier and breezier with some rain at times or showers.

Weather Warning issued for later today as Scotland set to see Thundery downpours

Its looking ok currently but later on this evening Scotland will find itself faced with the brunt of the bad weather.

The Met Office has released an Amber warning that reads as follows…

“Between 20:00 Tue 22nd and 09:00 Wed 23rd

Heavy rain will spread across southwest Scotland and the Hebrides on Tuesday evening, and then affect other western and central areas overnight and into Wednesday morning. Some intense downpours, perhaps thundery, will lead to localised flooding of roads. Some travel disruption should be expected through into the morning commute. The rain will clear away eastwards during Wednesday morning.”

For England & Wales however conditions should stay mainly settled today and over the coming days, With a hint that the weekend could turn out very nice indeed for those in the South before the potential for Thunderstorms returns.

We will have more on that prospect over the next day or two.


UK in for a wet afternoon with numerous thundery downpours!

Today has started off reasonably well however as the day progresses the number of showers and the intensity of those is set to increase.

By around 3pm most of the country will be at risk of Thundery downpours which will see Lightning, hail and flash flooding as all potential hazards.

As ever not everyone will catch a shower however given the number expected you will do well to stay dry completely.

In the worst hit areas regular lightning along with hail and torrential downpours will make today one for staying indoors.

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Severe Thunderstorms Tuesday into Wednesday followed by potentially record breaking 40c heatwave late July!

Thunderstorms are all the talk as we head towards tuesday however the potential for record breaking heat as we hinted at earlier on this month is now becoming a real possibility!

Tuesday & Wednesday will see severe thunderstorms push up from the south and head north Tuesday evening and throughout the day Wednesday before finally clearing.

This will lead to somewhat fresher conditions for a time however model forecasts are predicting the hottest spell of the summer is just around the corner and this time things could get very very hot!

The Hottest temperature ever recorded in the UK was 38.5c in Faversham, Kent back in 2003.

This looks to be seriously under threat if the end of the month plays out like current outputs suggest with a large area of high pressure situated over mainland Europe and low pressure out to the West drawing up those Hot conditions.

However dont book the days off work just yet as its a long way off in weather terms and lots can change but its something to keep an eye on.

London set for huge Thunderstorms in 48hours as temperatures reach into the 30s!

The capital looks set to be in a prime location to catch some big thunderstorms on Thursday as hot temperatures and an unstable atmosphere give way to huge storms.

London looks to be at particular risk with the highest temperatures leading to torrential rain/hail and frequent lightning.

Flash flooding will be the main concern with underpasses being at particular risk of being overwhelmed.

The risk is not just for London though with much of England & Wales at risk of catching a thunderstorm as the day progresses.

Friday should see things calm down whilst the hot weather continues for much of England & Wales with temperatures ranging from 22 to 30c in the London area.