30c+ HEATWAVE to hit the UK this weekend!

We said it was going to get warm and as things stand the UK is still in the firing line for a fine few days.

From sunday onwards temperatures should be in the range of 23-28c as one last spell of hot weather looks set.

Through Monday to Wednesday there is a risk of 30c + however there is still a large amount of uncertainty regarding just how hot it will peak at.

Unlike earlier on this summer the early signs suggest this wont be around for very long with Sunday to Wednesday looking like the best of the hot spell so make sure you get out there and enjoy it if sunny weather is what your after.

Whats next?

Currently weather model outputs are giving different scenarios beyond Wednesday however following the most likely scenarios this will likely be the back end of the hot spell with a return to near normal temperatures.

Early September to see a return of SCORCHING HOT sunshine for the UK as one last heatwave will bring temperatures of up to 30c!

If may seem a mile away from summer right now but we have had it pretty damn good!

Infact it could still proove to be a record breaker, Beating that summer of 1976.

However if like me your wish for cooler weather was temporary then things might be looking up.

As we head towards the end of August/Early September many weather models point towards a high pressure dominated pattern.

The GFS model hints at high pressure strewn across the UK which would bring sunny days and highs of 25/26c whilst the ECMWF model believes the high pressure will be anchored over Germany thus leading to a Southerly wind flow across the UK and temperatures around 30c!

At this stage there is significant room for change but with cross model agreement of some late summer weather perhaps it’s not quite time to put the BBQ away.

MEGA HEATWAVE to last at least two weeks! 35c expected with a high risk of wild fires & hosepipe bans across the UK.

Today has seen temps nudge up just a tad and that is the very beginning of an exceptionally hot and prolonged summery spell.

The UK may be on the verge of a period of weather that rivals 2003 as hot conditions are expected to last from now onward with no end in sight in the current model output.

The GFS model also predicts 0mm of rainfall throughout its entire prediction which goes to +384 hours for large parts of the UK.

On the back of such a good May and a not to shabby June this inevitably puts the UK at risk of Wild fires and hose pipe bans.

Current outputs are predicting temperatures from London to Bristol up to Manchester and across to Norwich regularly exceeding 30c from Thursday until a week on Monday.

Infact many models see no end in sight to what could turn out to be an absolute classic summer.

Perhaps it could be time to get an air con unit before they sell out?


Nationwide HEATWAVE to bring temperatures into the mid 30’s next week!

With an excellent May for many June has not quite delivered.

However the first real heatwave is now looking likely with forecasters mentioning temperatures of over 30c & possibly as high as 36c!

The summer heat will be on from Sunday with temperatures up to 27c in London with the rest of the UK joining in from Monday.

The Southeast will be upto 30c next Monday and mid to high twenties elsewhere.

The Heat continues to build throughout the week with the potential for near record breaking temperatures between Wednesday & Friday.

As the week progresses the UK will also see a threat of Severe localised Thunderstorms bringing large hail and strong winds so make sure you keep an eye on the radar if you are having a BBQ.

UK Heatwave to rival 2003 With temperatures reaching 33c and Supercell storms becoming widespread!

2018 is already shaping up to be a memorable one for any weather fans out there.

We had the Beast from the East part 1 & 2, We had a sizzling Easter, We had the hottest ever London Marathon and we have had a cracking May.

Now we may go one further and have a record breaking end of May bank holiday.

As temperatures rise over this weekend and into next week we develop an unstable atmosphere with low pressure over France.

This could lead to explosive thunderstorms with Supercell thunderstorms a real possibility.

This of course means a risk of a multiple lightning strikes, Flash flooding, Large hail and an outside chance of a Tornado!

As we go forward high pressure looks anchored close to the UK and therefor the good weather is looking set to stay.

Now, Who mentioned hose pipe ban?

Hot spell peaks as temperatures of up to 30c will smash the record for the hottest early May day bank Holiday!

The last few days have gradually seen temperatures on the rise with the peak of those expected later today.

The Met Office are expecting at least 28c to be reached in the London area with an outside chance 30c being reached.

The early May bank holiday was introduced in 1978 and the temperature has never topped the 28C mark.

This looks set to follow a trend this year after the Hottest April day since 1949 recorded followed by the warmest London Marathon we are now set to make it a hatrick for warm weather fans.

Many long range outputs suggest that this Summer will continue this theme with further records at risk of being surpassed.

Heat peaks today at up to 28c before Thunderstorms break out on Saturday!

Enjoying the hot spell?

As often is the case for the UK the heat and humidity looks set to be the perfect recipe for some big Thunderstorms with the potential for flash flooding on Saturday!

These storms will be isolated but the potential is there for many areas to catch one.

As the high begins to retreat eastwards pressure will fall and allow Atlantic fronts to move in from the west. This combination of warm sunshine and increasing humidity already in place will result in heavy showers or thunderstorms to break out across England, Wales, N. Ireland and southern Scotland.

The areas most likely to see the worst of the thunderstorms will be South West England & into the Midlands.

As we move into next week a more typical weather pattern takes over with an Atlantic low pressure close to the North, So it is looking cooler, cloudier and breezier with some rain at times or showers.

UK set for a Scorching Spanish plume with temperatures rocketing into the mid to high twenties!

We mentioned at the end of the last month how the models (Weather ones) Were repeatedly hinting at a warm/hot spell for the middle of April.

As you can read here, And the good news is…

The UK is now on the brink of the first Hot spell of the year.

By Hot we mean maximum temperatures ranging from 23c for Scotland to 28c for the South East, Only a touch below the all time record for April of 29.4c.

Currently this spell looks set to last around 4-5 days with nice warm weather setting in Tuesday lasting up until Saturday.

The current forecast suggests the peak will be on Friday, So Perhaps its time to get in your request for a half day?

Heatwave for mid April as Scorching Spanish plume heads for the UK!

The weather has been far from hot lately, Infact warm days have been few and far between but finally something summery is on the horizon.

Many Weather model outputs have begun throwing up some very welcome projections.

These have included high pressure close to the UK bringing blue skies and temperatures around 18-22c to the even more tasty Spanish Plume style heatwave which would see temperatures surpass 25c for the first time in many months.

Of course the model outputs at such range cannot be 100% relied on however when there is a consistent trend it shows that the signals being picked up are strong and therfor we have to take note.

We will of course up date you this time next week as the timeframe nears closer but for now maybe its finally time to start finding those summer clothes out.


Indian Summer set to bring Scorching hot conditions to the UK!

With the Summer holidays coming to an end its only right that sods law looks set to bring a blistering start to September with temperatures possibly exceeding  30c!

As we all know its not been the greatest summer ever despite what was a good start back in June.

However things are finally set to return to something more akin to having a BBQ and a few glasses of something in the garden.

Both highly rated model Outputs the ECMWF & the GFS suggest high pressure will become situated to our east or South East allowing hot air to be drawn over much of the UK by the end of the month.

At such range of course there is still a lot of uncertainty but with both models showing a similar scenario for the UK and a weakening of areas of Low pressure coming in off the Atlantic the confidence of seeing a good start to next month is growing.