Winter storm Bruce to blast U.S with up to 12″ of snow!

The U.S is on the eve of another major winter storm. This one named Bruce is expected to bring severe conditions across a number of states with upto 12″ of snow and 2″ of rain leading to a high risk of flooding.

As we go into the early hours of Sunday snowfall will begin to intensify for Nabraska, Northern Kansas before moving into Iowa later on.

Credit: || conditions expected Sunday to Wednesday

Storm Bruce will then advance North through Sunday evening and into Monday affecting northern Missouri, the far north of Illinois (Chicago 2-4″), the far South of Wisconsin and eventually Michigan during Monday.

The storm will then rotate and deliver heavy blowing snow for North Eastern areas of New York state, Northern Vermont, Northern New Hampshire and parts of Maine on Tuesday with a risk of huge snowdrifts given the considerable wind speeds expected.

Will it snow in?

With cold air filtering across the UK our inbox tends to get busy and one question that is asked the most is of course, Will it snow in my back yard…

With that in mind and to answer everyone in one go we have decided we will take a look at when and where snow is most likely to fall.

Well first and foremost we look at this evening. Snowfall is expected over high ground in the Lake District, North Yorkshire Moors, Southern Uplands, Cairngorms and Grampians.

Of course most of us dont live on the top of a mountain so the first prospect of snowfall for lower areas will be wednesday morning.

Due to the battle of air masses West Vs East the band of precipitation pushing west to east on monday bringing snowfall for high ground will do a U-Turn and head back west as the coldest air wins out. As it does so the back edge of this looks like bringing the first snowfall for low lying areas.

Following on from Wednesday we see a continuation of possible light snow for those down the eastern coast until the weekend where the models are hinting at more widespread and potentially disruptive snowfall with places further inland seeing snow. At this stage its to early to firm up on the detail on that.

So to summarise. Cold for all. Snow most likely in the East. Potentially disruptive as we head into the weekend.

We will have an update tomorrow.

Coldest Winter in 100 Years set to Hit Britain!

Sound familiar?

Of course it does, As we barrel through September we find ourselves on the brink of more sensationalist headlines from certain parts of the press.


And of course that will mean headlines like the one we attached to this, A long with many others! Of course eventually they might be right but not through any forecasting means and simply by getting lucky!

We are all for people talking about the weather and these headlines achieve that, But it also gives the impression to many people that forecasters dont have a clue.

So next time you share a winter forecast to your timeline make sure its from a genuine weather outlet & not a sensationalist newspaper!