Hurricane Gert to head towards the UK! Here’s why that may be a good thing.

So usually we hear of a Hurricane or ex Hurricane heading towards our shores and we picture Heavy rain, strong winds etc etc

However Gert is expected to head to the North of the UK and whilst its effects may be felt by those in Scotland it will allow the Azores high to ridge up towards Southern areas bringing fine, Sunny and possibly Hot weather to many in England & Wales.

So when is this fine weather arriving?

Well unusually the timing looks like falling just when most people would like it. Yep the weekend.

Saturday could see temps hit 22-23c with 24-26c on Sunday. It doesn’t end there though, Thanks to the push from Gert the high pressure looks like staying on the scene and the beginning of next week will see temps rise even further with 27-28c being enjoyed by some.

So here’s to Gert and some nice weather. Finally!