Will it be a cold & SNOWY Christmas day?

So in just two weeks time the big man will have been and gone, The turkey will be roasting nicely and the hope amongst many young and old is that snow will be falling to round off a fantastic Christmas.

So what are the weather gods saying. (Weather Model Outputs).

Before we start its worth noting at two weeks out the verification stats are notĀ fantastic and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Regardless its still possible to look at the trends that are being thrown out to try and gauge the most likely outcome and with that in mindĀ the initial signals are pointing to a relatively settled period of weather with the potential for a frosty start. This would likely lead to a Stunning day with many of us enjoying a bright, sunny and some what cool day.

So if its a white Christmas your after, This year might not be the one, but until we get to next Sunday there is plenty of scope for change so watch this space. We will have an update then.