Unprecedented Deadly cold blast to cripple the UK in a week of Brutal Easterly winds!

Forecasters are warning of a memorable spell of weather that could rival the conditions seen during the harsh winter of 1987!

Heavy snow showers are expected to pile in to Eastern areas on Monday before becoming heavier and widespread throughout the UK from Tuesday onwards.

The snow is just part of the potentially deadly conditions as strong winds will lead to massive drifts leaving some areas completely cut off.

Then there is the cold. Deep deep cold that will see the thermometer drop to around -12 and a real feel temperature down to -20c!

These conditions look set to remain across all parts until a massive winter storm approaches from the South for the end of the week.

This is still along way off and is far from certain however latest model outputs suggest a single snowstorm that could bring more than a foot of snow across many Southern areas including the city of London in addition to what will have already fallen!

The long term outlook does not point to spring conditions either with further cold and ocassionally snowy days ahead.