The Vilonia, Arkansas Tornado of 2014

April 27–30, 2014 tornado outbreak – Officially rated high-end EF4, though the rating was a major source of controversy, and meteorlogist/civil engineer Timothy P. Marshall noted that the rating assigned was “lower-bound”, and also noted “the possibility that EF5 winds could have occurred” despite the structural flaws responsible for the EF4 rating.

Numerous homes were swept completely away with only bare slabs left, including one that was well-bolted to its foundation, and extensive wind-rowing of debris occurred. Trees were completely debarked and denuded, shrubs were stripped and debarked, and vehicles were thrown hundreds of yards and mangled.

A large 29,998-pound metal fertilizer tank was found approximately 3/4 of a mile away from where it originated. Extensive ground scouring occurred as well.