Hurricane Ophelia threatens to be the worst storm to hit the UK since 1987!

Tropical storm Ophelia is currently in the Atlantic and is expected to gain Hurricane status within the next 24hours.

Current model outputs vary in its exact track but the UK is likely to see some effects of this potentially dangerous storm.

If the UK find itself in its path constant wind speeds of 40-60MPH with gusts of 80-100MPH possible along with huge amounts of rainfall that would likely bring flooding to certain prone areas.

At this stage the worst conditions (going by the very latest model outputs) will be for the western fringes of Ireland & Northern Ireland however at 5 days out there is plenty of time for changes that may make significant difference.

Aside from the potential for strong winds Orphelia will not mean its all doom and gloom with those in parts of the South East potentially seeing some very mild days as what will then be Ex tropical storm Ophelia drags up some very mild air for the time of the year with 21 or 22c possible.