Storm Doris expected to bring 80-90MPH Winds & over a FOOT of snow!

Storm Doris is now just one day away from bringing widespread disruption with exceptionally strong winds and more than a foot of snow to the UK.

Storm Doris’s rapid development is forecast to see its air pressure drop by around 30 milibars in 24 hours, known as “explosive cyclogenesis” or, by some, as a “weather bomb”.

This causes an intense storm. People need to be aware of the strength of the gusts. The strongest of which look like being in central and northern England.

Storm Doris is expected to move on quickly, with the worst of the weather gone by tomorrow evening, although further Atlantic gusts will bring more rain and wind through the weekend and into next week.

The Met Office have today added to yesterdays warning expanding the area expected to see the strongest winds aswell as issuing an Amber warning for snowfall.

“Heavy snow is expected on Thursday. Accumulations of 10 to 15 cm are likely quite widely with 20 to 30 cm falling on hills above 300 metres. This will lead to disruption to transport and perhaps power supplies.”

“Some very strong winds are expected on Thursday in association with storm Doris with gusts of 60-70 mph likely, and 70-80 mph on coasts and hills. Whilst the strongest winds look to be only short-lived, damage to structures, interruptions to power supplies and widespread disruption to travel networks are likely, with a danger of injury from flying debris. Trees are also likely to be damaged or blown over. Heavy rain is also likely through Thursday as well as some snow over high ground as the system clears eastwards. These may prove additional hazards. The warning has been updated to extend the at-risk area southwards.”


Destructive Doris about to wreak havoc across the UK as 4th Storm of the season is named!

Storm Doris has been officially named and is going to push in from the west on Thursday, bringing very strong winds, heavy rain as well as some snowfall in the north with Blizzards for the Scottish mountains!

The winter so far has seen very little in the way of proper winter weather with only 3 named storms. However later this week things are about to change with Doris crossing the UK.

The MetOffice has released an Amber warning which reads as follows:

” Some very strong winds are expected throughout Thursday in association with storm ‘Doris’, with a short period where gusts of 70 to 80 mph are possible. Whilst the strongest winds look to be only short-lived, damage to structures, interruptions to power supplies and widespread disruption to travel networks are likely, with a danger of injury from flying debris. Heavy rain is also likely through Thursday as well as some snow over high ground as the system clears eastwards. These may prove additional hazards.”

Winter to return to the UK with over half a meter of snow!

Enjoying the milder weather? Well make the most of it.

As we enter the start of next week the mild air is slowly pushed to one side to make way for colder conditions by Wednesday onwards, With those in the north feeling the chill.

The Scottish mountains are first inline for what could see them receive over half a meter of snow in just a few days with huge drifts which will hopefully be a much needed boost to the dreadful skiing season which is currently one of the worst in recent memory.

For those in Engand, Wales & NI the risk is somewhat muted however the risk is there for some to see snowfall between Thursday evening & Friday morning.

The models are still unsure how far south the jet will dive and subsequently how much cold air will be dragged down the country as a whole so we will have a further update on Tuesday if the risk is still there along with further detail for who may see some snow.

Intense Blizzard conditions bringing 1 to 2 feet of snow to bring New England to a standstill by Monday!

A snowstorm with blizzard conditions will unleash feet of snow and threaten to bring travel to a halt across New England late on Sunday into Monday.

In some areas, this will be the second storm in less than a week to unleash a blizzard and over a foot of snow.

Behind a weak system that returned snow to New England to start the weekend, a second and more potent storm will follow late on Sunday into Monday.

Bliz Feb 11 PM

At this time, the corridor expected to be in the bulls-eye of heaviest snow will be portions of central and eastern Maine, including Bangor and Bar Harbor.

“The storm has the potential to bring 1 to 2 feet (30 to 60 cm) of snow to parts of central and northern New England and parts of the Maritime Provinces of Canada,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said.

Locally higher amounts can occur in parts of central and eastern Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

A taste of Spring for the UK next week!

Well it looks as though the current period of cold and occasionally snowy weather is all but over with for the UK.

As we head into the start of next week the winds veer round to a originate from a more southerly direction giving those who have felt the chill some much needed warmth.

The start of the week will see a gradual increase in temperature but by the end of the week and into the weekend its possible we could be seeing highs of 15 or even 16c for those in the south.

So i guess if were not going to be able to use the sledge this winter it might aswell be warm right?

Icy Blast of weather set to hit the UK later next week with some HEAVY Snow!

A blast of cold air is set to sweep in across the UK from Siberia as we head through next week with an increasing chance of snowfall.

The cold outbreak has the possibility to be the coldest and snowiest spell of weather the UK has seen since 2010!

As we head through the early parts of the week changes to our east start to take place as high pressure centered over Scandinavia sends a pool of cold air ever closer to our shores.

By Wednesday the real cold air will be felt widely with a sharp overnight frost along with snowfall down the eastern coast.

Beyond this the cold air looks set to stay with further snowfall which at times could be heavy and more widespread.

The MetOffice extended outlook is as follows…

UK Outlook for Friday 10 Feb 2017 to Sunday 19 Feb 2017:

A cold east to south-easterly airstream is expected to affect most of the United Kingdom for much of this period. There is likely to be a lot of dry, albeit rather cloudy weather on Friday and Saturday, with the best of any brighter breaks expected to develop towards the west and northwest. However, some snow showers are likely to affect the east and northeast. There is just a small chance of these becoming heavy and spreading to central and some western areas this weekend. It will feel very cold in the wind with a widespread night frost. Next week there is a greater chance of some rain or snow affecting the northwest at times. Elsewhere it should stay largely dry, but cold, with snow showers becoming lighter and less frequent.


BEAST from the East due to bring more snowfall with bitterly cold temperatures!

A second bout of icy weather is set to blast in and this time its all the way from Siberia.

Met Office forecaster Emma Sharples said…

“Cold will last into the weekend before it turns slightly milder on Sunday and into Monday, but then we are expecting another dip as cold air heads back towards the UK, this time from the East.”

This will bring the possibility of the coldest spell the UK has seen this winter with overnight temperatures falling as low as -15c!

Pensions Minister Richard Harrington said: “I would encourage everyone to check on elderly relatives or neighbours  and make sure they are warm enough and claiming the support they are entitled to.”

Whilst the RAC warned drivers grit becomes less effective below minus 5C and stops working below minus 10C.

It still early days with regards to the next blast of cold weather so we will have another update in a few days time to pin down the important details.

Britain to be hit with FREEZING Arctic winds and Heavy Snow to start 2017!

The weather models are starting to firm up on the first proper blast of Freezing arctic air for some time with the whole country set to see temperatures tumble with heavy snow a real possibility.

The cold air is set to become established across the UK on New years days as a cold front bringing a wintry mix heads south leaving the entire country in frigid air by the end of the day.

This will then see us stuck in bitterly cold air for a fair number of days. Initially the flow of arctic air looks to be cut short after just a day or two before a second bout brings temperatures down once again with an increased risk of heavy snowfall as areas of low pressure try to make in roads.

It still to far off for any detail of exactly who may or may not see snow so we will have an update later in the week.

So from what was an incredibly mild Christmas to a very cold new year. Don’t you just love the British weather.

Will it be a cold & SNOWY Christmas day?

So in just two weeks time the big man will have been and gone, The turkey will be roasting nicely and the hope amongst many young and old is that snow will be falling to round off a fantastic Christmas.

So what are the weather gods saying. (Weather Model Outputs).

Before we start its worth noting at two weeks out the verification stats are not fantastic and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Regardless its still possible to look at the trends that are being thrown out to try and gauge the most likely outcome and with that in mind the initial signals are pointing to a relatively settled period of weather with the potential for a frosty start. This would likely lead to a Stunning day with many of us enjoying a bright, sunny and some what cool day.

So if its a white Christmas your after, This year might not be the one, but until we get to next Sunday there is plenty of scope for change so watch this space. We will have an update then.


Wet & Windy or Cold & Snowy? Find out the weather for the next 5 days

UK forecast for the next 5 days
Sunny, dry and rather cold.

After a frosty start, today will be fine and dry for most of us, with plenty of long sunny spells. It will be windy in the southwest, and there will be more cloud in parts of eastern England.

A cold cloudless night for many, will allow frost to develop widely, with some fog patches too. Thick cloud in south-west England and south Wales will curtail frost there.

After a frosty start, Scotland and northern England will have another dry, cold and bright day. However, it will be milder, but rather cloudy and grey further south and west.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:
The next few days will see milder weather, with rain and strong winds at times, particularly in the north and west. South-east England is likely to stay dry until Thursday.