Houston Dam begins overspilling adding more woe to a city already devastated by flooding!

An already-swollen reservoir west of downtown Houston has begun to crest levees this morning, sending an “uncontrolled release” of Harvey’s floodwaters into neighborhoods, and putting the besieged city into “uncharted territory,” according to an official.

The Addicks Reservoir, located about 19 miles west of downtown, will spill over for the first time in history by daylight Tuesday, threatening immediate surrounding subdivisions.

Jeff Lindner, a meteorologist with the Harris County (Texas) Flood Control District, told Fox News the spillover will cause “serious flooding in immediate areas,” starting as a trickle, then becoming an uncontrolled release of water. Second-story homes also will be at risk, Linder added.

Lindner said this does not mean that downtown Houston will necessarily be greatly impacted, but officials don’t fully know what will happen because they’ve never faced this situation before.

Flood Warnings become widespread as a day of torrential rain batters the South East.

Its been constantly persisting down out there and the rainfall continues.

All the while river levels are rising rapidly and as such the Flood Warning Information Service has put out 14 Alerts.

The number has been rising steadily all day with many more expected over the coming hours as an unprecedented 80mm (3.2″) of rain falls over a large swathe of the South East.

Flooding had already been seen in Grimsby on Tuesday with the Abandonment of the football game between Grimsby and Derby County.

Earlier today Highbury & Islington tube stations were shut because of the flooding with warnings to train passengers to expect delays on other routes aswell.

Thankfully its not all bad news as forecasters have said conditions are set to improve later this evening however with a largely dry day expected on Thursday.

For advice on the flood warning: https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/


Monsoon rains to continue & intensify this afternoon with flooding a concern for the Capital!

The wet weather is well and truly underway with things only set to get worse over the next 3-6hours.

In total as much as 80mm of rain could fall which to put in perspective the average for the entire month is just 48mm in London.

Currently there are 2 flood warnings and 5 flood alerts in place however with much of the rain still yet to fall these numbers are set to rise rapidly.

To keep an eye on the flood warnings in your are make sure you check out the Flood Information Service


A Day of Thundery downpours on Saturday!

The weekend is here but the weather does not look like improving.

Friday has seen an area of low pressure bring a large band of heavy rain which has spread from west to east associated with some very strong winds.

The weekend fails to improve as low pressure circles over us bringing miserable weather for most.

Heavy showers some of which will be thundery look set to be widespread throughout the day Saturday followed by more of the same on Sunday.

So with that in mind perhaps this is the weekend to see what fun can be had indoors.

Severe Thunderstorms Tuesday into Wednesday followed by potentially record breaking 40c heatwave late July!

Thunderstorms are all the talk as we head towards tuesday however the potential for record breaking heat as we hinted at earlier on this month is now becoming a real possibility!

Tuesday & Wednesday will see severe thunderstorms push up from the south and head north Tuesday evening and throughout the day Wednesday before finally clearing.

This will lead to somewhat fresher conditions for a time however model forecasts are predicting the hottest spell of the summer is just around the corner and this time things could get very very hot!

The Hottest temperature ever recorded in the UK was 38.5c in Faversham, Kent back in 2003.

This looks to be seriously under threat if the end of the month plays out like current outputs suggest with a large area of high pressure situated over mainland Europe and low pressure out to the West drawing up those Hot conditions.

However dont book the days off work just yet as its a long way off in weather terms and lots can change but its something to keep an eye on.

July HEATWAVE could see 38.5c hottest ever day record broken warn forecasters!

Enjoying some comfortable nights sleep after the heatwave last week?

Well dont get to comfortable, Latest model guidance suggests the UK could be back into heatwave territory by the middle of July.

As we head into July a more mixed and cooler pattern of weather is likely for most in comparison to June,

However, there is the potential for a number of heat surges during the latter part of the month.

At times this summer we could even rival the scorcher of 2003 which brought killer heatwave conditions across Europe that August.

The UK was hit by weeks of extreme heat and water shortages leading to hosepipe bans with a monthly record of 38.5C (101.3F) set in Brogdale, Kent.

The magnitude of the warmth so far in June has been impressive across much of mainland Europe and the odds are increasing that this locks in and becomes the dominant summer pattern going forward, This idea is supported by most of the dynamical and statistical forecast guidance which sees pulses of heat push northwards from Spain through France and basking large parts of the UK in sunshine.

If the patterns holds long enough similar to the heatwave last week then the 38.5c record will be under serious threat!

Southern California bracing for Monsoon conditions due to an ‘off the charts’ storm

Something is going to happen in Southern California on Friday that hasn’t happened in at least six years, possibly longer. It’s going to rain a whole, heckuva lot, and that rain is going to be accompanied by a wide range of other hazards.

It’s all part of one of the most intense storms to strike the region since before the state’s epic drought began in 2012, which is likely to bring several inches of rain on average to areas from Santa Barbara southward to San Diego.

Higher rainfall totals, likely into the double digits, will occur in mountainous areas, with heavy snow falling in the higher peaks of Los Angeles and San Diego counties, among others.

This will lead to landslide and mudslide concerns as heavy rain runs off already saturated hillsides, and flash flooding issues even in urban areas. The highest mudslide risks will be across areas that have burn scars from wildfires.

The storm, which combines an unusually intense low pressure area with a firehose of moisture whose hose stretches back for more than 2,000 miles, way out to near Hawaii, will rage throughout the day on Friday and into Saturday in one of the most populated and storm-averse areas of the country.

At its peak, winds are likely to gust greater than 50 miles per hour in the Los Angeles and San Diego metro areas, which will cause extensive air travel delays and down trees and power lines. Some areas could see winds approach or exceed 100 miles per hour, particularly in the higher elevations of San Diego County.

High wind warnings have been issued for higher elevation areas around Los Angeles and all of San Diego County, where officials are bracing for sustained winds of tropical storm force, or 39 miles per hour or greater, along with higher gusts as the storm center nears the coast.

The National Weather Service has issued a dizzying array of watches and warnings to cover all the storm impacts, which can be found on weather.gov.

According to the agency’s predicted rainfall amounts, some spots could see a two-day rainfall total that ranks within the top 10 all-time heaviest two-day rain events, but this is not expected for most spots.

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According to the Weather Service’s San Diego forecast office, a storm of this intensity at such a low latitude in the state is extremely rare, or “off the charts when looking at the past 30-year record,” the agency said in a forecast discussion.