UK to be hit with heavy widespread snow over the next 48 hours!

As we head through tonight a change to much colder conditions is setting in.

First felt in Scotland this evening a weather front sweeping South East will initially give 15-20cms of snow over high ground before extending to lower levels in Scotland and areas above 200m in the North West of England as tonight goes on.

For the rest of the UK the majority of this band will sweep through as rain or sleet however some wet snow is possible during heavier bursts into the early hours Tuesday.

As we progress through Tuesday the risk of heavy snow showers almost anywhere across the UK but particularly across England & Wales will lead to some accumulations of between 2-5cms. Of course as usually the case with showers one area will likely remain dry whereas a few miles down the road has a covering of snow. 

This will lead to some hazardous driving conditions and slippery surfaces for those out and about. 

Looking further ahead and the potential for short but potentially notable cold snaps looks highly likely so this may just be the start of whats to come!

Widespread BLIZZARDS across the UK to dump over one foot of snow!

A whole array of weather models are now firming up on the most significant cold spell to hit the UK for many years!

Some this week have already had a taste of wintry weather but this is not even close to the levels of snowfall expected from next week onwards. 

The UKMO, GFS and ECM models that are all widely referred to predict heavy snow, To start with hitting Northern Scotland Monday night then spreading South Eastwards throughout Tuesday into Wednesday. 

This spell of snowfall comes about as low pressure slips Southwards across the UK and heads into Europe. This then allows a period of brutal Easterly winds to develope with some areas potentially at risk of a foot or more of snow! 

UKMO shows strong Easterly winds on 24th January

There is also the risk of strong winds for a time which will lead to Blizzard conditions and drifting snow. 

Going further past next week the theme looks set to continue with a high chance of Northern blocking remaining in place keeping things cold with a risk of further snowfalls.

Warnings issued for Snow & Ice in the next 48 hours!

The UK MetOffice have just released a weather warning covering most of the UK as snow and ice returns.

Amber weather warning

As we head through today cold air will filter south eastwards with snowfall in Scotland and a sharp frost overnight for most of the UK.

Tomorrow will see similar conditions with snow showers in the North followed by a UK wide overnight frost.

By Friday the risk of snowfall extends into Northern England with some significant accumulations possible in parts of the North West.

All of this marks the start of a cool/colder spell of weather which could last well into February as the effects of the Sudden Stratospheric warming in late December bend and buckle the jet stream allowing cold air to plunge southwards at various stages.

Is the BEAST from the EAST coming back to the UK?!

Many in the media have been reporting that the UK is heading for a bitter cold spell with large amounts of snow and FREEZING days with temperatures failing to hit positive figures.

So why have they been talking about this recently?

The answer lies with the Stratosphere.

From roughly the 23rd of December the Stratosphere has seen a significant rise in temperatures and this warming is expected to last into January.

This can lead to wobble of the usual Zonal winds pushing West to East and instead we see a wavy pattern. This can then allow High pressure to build at higher latitudes which increases the chance of a cold North or Easterly air flow over the UK.

All of this can take 2/3 weeks from the date of the Sudden Stratospheric Warming event to influence the weather we see and thus the Met Office is predicting a colder spell from the 3rd week in January.

However whilst this can be the outcome and the likelihood of cold weather is increased it by no means guarentees that it will happen and as of now no immediate threat is being predicted by the weather models.

up to 40cm of SNOW & Freezing rain to hit the UK within 48 hours!

The warnings keep on coming as the first significant wintry spell sets it sights on the UK.

Before we get into the detail its worth baring in mind that whilst there is a severe spell of weather expected the duration is expected to be quite short with the main timeframe for severe conditions from Saturday afternoon through till 06:00 Sunday with a return to average temperatures on Monday.

Snow, Sleet, Freezing rain and heavy rain expected!

As you can there is alot to contend with over the 18 hour period from midday on Saturday. Even before this period begins areas outside of the areas shaded red may well see some wet snow falling for a short period of time however accumulations are unlikely. 

As the bulk of the precipitation bumps into the cold air anywhere from the North Midlands Northwards need to be prepared for snow or freezing rain. Initially snow is expected but as the weather fronts move across the UK it is likely a warm layer will melt the snow as it falls however temperatures at ground level may still be at or below freezing turning this super cooled rain immediately to ice upon impact.

This phenomenon is quite rare in the UK however it can be lethal for those who are braving the elements. Black ice will form readily and trees and powerlines can be brought down under the weight of the ice. The latter may not take place due to the relatively short period of time freezing rain is expected, However slippery surfaces are almost assured so it may be worth getting out and about early if you are still looking for those Christmas presents.

Another hazard will be for any of the high travel routes, The heavy snow in these areas will be accompanied by strong winds gusting up to 60MPH with a risk of Blizzard conditions so expect some road closures. 

As for those outside of the areas shaded in red Saturday will be a blustery and wet day from around 3pm onwards before the rain clears away during the evening. This will then be followed up by a much calmer, drier day Sunday.

Met Office release HEAVY SNOW Warning! Up to 20cm expected on Saturday!

Winter has finally arrived this week with a particularly cold day expected across the UK on friday. Daytime maximums will struggle to get much above 2-4c for many of us with a widespread sharp frost expected Friday evening.

On Saturday a weather system off the Atlantic will attempt to shunt the cold air to our East. Whilst eventually this mild air will sweep right across the UK there is expected to be a spell of Heavy snowfall.

The Met Office warning issued today covers the following areas (Central Tayside & Fife, East Midlands, Grampian Highlands & Eilean Siar, North East England, North West England, SW Scotland, Lothian Borders, Strathclyde, Yorkshire & Humber) And warns of 2-5CM of snow for low levels and 10-20cms above 2-300M. 

Significant Squall line moving East across the UK!

Parts of the UK will see a short but potentially dangerous spell of weather over the next few hours.

A strong squall line has developed and is currently heading Eastwards across the UK.

As you can see from the picture many cities including  Nottingham, Sheffield, Bradford, Leeds, Newcastle, Hull and others places in the area will see some torrential rain and very strong winds for a short period of time making travelling conditions particularly hazardous.

There is also an isolated risk of the odd rumble of thunder as this strong Squall line passes. 

Your Christmas tree will be crawling with bugs!

Everyone loves Christmas right? And everyone loves a real Christmas tree aswell. 

Well a lot of you do and that might not be so great after all.

It turns out bringing the outdoors indoors also means bringing in the creepy crawlies to share your home aswell.

The most common insects using your Christmas tree as its home are Aphids. These 6 legged creatures will generally remain on the tree however should they produce offspring then you could find a winged variety around the home.

Its not just these that will be entering the home as you bring the tree in. Mites & of course spiders also enjoy a nice Christmas tree to call home. 

It is recommended, And i will be honest ive never known anyone do this, But buy your tree, Then let it stay in your garage for a day to give these bugs time to vacate, Then finally shake the tree before bringing inside.

Merry Christmas.

Flood warnings in place as further Heavy rain and Severe winds are expected!

After two days of Atlantic influenced weather the river levels are already on the rise and the forecast is for further wet and windy spells to come.

Today we had 89MPH recorded in North Wales and numerous areas seeing gusts of over 50MPH.

Tomorrow morning will see the winds continue with gusts up to 70MPH in the South West of England with wind gusts in the range of 50-60MPH elsewhere before the risk transfers to the North West of Scotland from midday onwards.

Beyong this global model predictions are pointing to further spells of strong winds and heavy rainfalls which will only increase the risk of flooding.

The flood warning information service currently has 15 flood alerts and 2 flood warnings in place for England however that number may well increase over the next 7-10 days should the forecasts verify.

UK Summer temperatures to be 5.4c Hotter!

Many reading this will probably be thinking, 5.4c hotter, Bring it on!

As we all know the UK is not the first place you think of when summery weather is what you are after with many of us heading to the Mediterranean to get that glorious sunshine.

With that in mind the prospect of saving a few quid and taking a sunshine holiday here in the UK may be a welcome prospect.

However whilst it might sound good the risks it would bring could cause more harm than good with a rise in Heat strokes for example especially for those most vulnerable.

Extreme heat during summer will also lead to Forest/Grass fires and a rise in the number of severe thunderstorms. These severe thunderstorms will result in an increased chance of major flash floods, Severe hail and damaging winds.

As for the cooler side of the year an increase in Sea levels will put homes and businesses at risk of flooding particularly during wet stormy weather with sea levels potentially rising over 1 metre!

Despite all the warnings the Met Office report does state that this would be a worse case scenario by the year 2070 and should the world reduce harmfull emissions the temperature rises expected are likely to be around 2c by 2100.