Is the BEAST from the EAST coming back to the UK?!

Many in the media have been reporting that the UK is heading for a bitter cold spell with large amounts of snow and FREEZING days with temperatures failing to hit positive figures.

So why have they been talking about this recently?

The answer lies with the Stratosphere.

From roughly the 23rd of December the Stratosphere has seen a significant rise in temperatures and this warming is expected to last into January.

This can lead to wobble of the usual Zonal winds pushing West to East and instead we see a wavy pattern. This can then allow High pressure to build at higher latitudes which increases the chance of a cold North or Easterly air flow over the UK.

All of this can take 2/3 weeks from the date of the Sudden Stratospheric Warming event to influence the weather we see and thus the Met Office is predicting a colder spell from the 3rd week in January.

However whilst this can be the outcome and the likelihood of cold weather is increased it by no means guarentees that it will happen and as of now no immediate threat is being predicted by the weather models.