MEGA HEATWAVE to last at least two weeks! 35c expected with a high risk of wild fires & hosepipe bans across the UK.

Today has seen temps nudge up just a tad and that is the very beginning of an exceptionally hot and prolonged summery spell.

The UK may be on the verge of a period of weather that rivals 2003 as hot conditions are expected to last from now onward with no end in sight in the current model output.

The GFS model also predicts 0mm of rainfall throughout its entire prediction which goes to +384 hours for large parts of the UK.

On the back of such a good May and a not to shabby June this inevitably puts the UK at risk of Wild fires and hose pipe bans.

Current outputs are predicting temperatures from London to Bristol up to Manchester and across to Norwich regularly exceeding 30c from Thursday until a week on Monday.

Infact many models see no end in sight to what could turn out to be an absolute classic summer.

Perhaps it could be time to get an air con unit before they sell out?