UK Heatwave to rival 2003 With temperatures reaching 33c and Supercell storms becoming widespread!

2018 is already shaping up to be a memorable one for any weather fans out there.

We had the Beast from the East part 1 & 2, We had a sizzling Easter, We had the hottest ever London Marathon and we have had a cracking May.

Now we may go one further and have a record breaking end of May bank holiday.

As temperatures rise over this weekend and into next week we develop an unstable atmosphere with low pressure over France.

This could lead to explosive thunderstorms with Supercell thunderstorms a real possibility.

This of course means a risk of a multiple lightning strikes, Flash flooding, Large hail and an outside chance of a Tornado!

As we go forward high pressure looks anchored close to the UK and therefor the good weather is looking set to stay.

Now, Who mentioned hose pipe ban?

Hot spell peaks as temperatures of up to 30c will smash the record for the hottest early May day bank Holiday!

The last few days have gradually seen temperatures on the rise with the peak of those expected later today.

The Met Office are expecting at least 28c to be reached in the London area with an outside chance 30c being reached.

The early May bank holiday was introduced in 1978 and the temperature has never topped the 28C mark.

This looks set to follow a trend this year after the Hottest April day since 1949 recorded followed by the warmest London Marathon we are now set to make it a hatrick for warm weather fans.

Many long range outputs suggest that this Summer will continue this theme with further records at risk of being surpassed.