Are we about to witness ‘The Beast from the East part 3’ during the Easter holidays?

We are now starting to see the 2nd coming thaw out and of course the main talking point amongst many on social media is about part 3.

So will we see a part 3 or is it just a few scaremongering pages/newspapers etc hyping for the sake of it?

Taking a closer look at the various model outputs it becomes apparent that the potential for colder incursions over the next two or three weeks is still there, However…

As we continue to progress through spring any such cold spell will have less impact.

For example an upper air profile of around -10c at the end of February would see temperatures struggle to get above freezing and with the sun not so high lying snow would last much longer.

By the end of March however the same upper air profile would result in temperatures reaching 4-7c and combined with a higher sun & warmer ground temperature any settling snow would be short lived.

Overall the output shows the potential for some snow falling, However disruptive snowfall is highly likely to be over with for this side of the year away from high ground and touch wood we can now start to look forward to warmer temperatures.