Beast from the East ramps up with Colder temperatures and Heavier falls of snow!

So we have heard people questioning wether the beast is derserving of the name.

Well dont write it off just yet.

Today will see a big increase in shower activity all down the East coast with particular heavy falls in the South East, North East of England and East coast of Scotland.

These areas could see 30cms of snow fall over the period of the day with potentially more for the same areas by the end of the week.

The temperatures are also expected to drop a touch however the windchill will drop considerably as the winds pick up through today.

Even if you are not near the Eastern side of the country there is a good chance today will be the day you start to see some snowfall with anything between 2 and 10cms possible further West.

The end of the Week is still surrounded with some uncertainty. Yes we will see an area of Low pressure bump into the cold over the UK with a small chance of Blizzards, However the exact positioning and intensity of any precipitation is yet to be decided.

Unprecedented Deadly cold blast to cripple the UK in a week of Brutal Easterly winds!

Forecasters are warning of a memorable spell of weather that could rival the conditions seen during the harsh winter of 1987!

Heavy snow showers are expected to pile in to Eastern areas on Monday before becoming heavier and widespread throughout the UK from Tuesday onwards.

The snow is just part of the potentially deadly conditions as strong winds will lead to massive drifts leaving some areas completely cut off.

Then there is the cold. Deep deep cold that will see the thermometer drop to around -12 and a real feel temperature down to -20c!

These conditions look set to remain across all parts until a massive winter storm approaches from the South for the end of the week.

This is still along way off and is far from certain however latest model outputs suggest a single snowstorm that could bring more than a foot of snow across many Southern areas including the city of London in addition to what will have already fallen!

The long term outlook does not point to spring conditions either with further cold and ocassionally snowy days ahead.

Sudden Stratospheric Warming to put the UK in the Freezer with Heavy SNOW!

Sudden Stratospheric Warming…

Heard of it before? Well dont worry if not because its likely everyone will be talking about it over the next few days.

First and foremost lets take a look at what Sudden Stratospheric Warming actually is…

‘A sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) is an event where the polar vortex of westerly winds in the Northern hemisphere slows down or even reverses direction over the course of a few days. The change is accompanied by a rise of stratospheric temperature by several tens of kelvins.’

So what does that mean for the UK?

This is of course the most important part.

Generally speaking the UK will see Westerly winds bringing in mildish air during the winter months which keeps snowfall and freezing temperatures at bay.

However an ‘SSW’ event results in Westerly winds being replaced by Easterly/ North Easterly winds as high pressure is able to take a firm hold over higher latitudes.

This does not always guarentee the colder air will land smack bang over the UK but increases the chances of this happening.

So on the back of this expected ‘SSW’ event the latest model outputs have been throwing up some very cold prospects for the UK.

Over the course of the coming days the exact weather we are likely to see should firm up so we can pinpoint how cold and which areas are at greatest risk of snowfall.

So if you had started to look forward to an early spring & warmer temperatures im afraid you may have to wait just a bit longer.