Winter set to return with Nationwide snowfall, Blizzards & up to half a metre of snow!

The UK has seen a bit of a lull this week in terms of the weather.

Great if you need to be out and about but other than a bit of fog there hasn’t been much to talk about.

All  thats about to change as winter returns.

On Monday a large powerful area of low pressure will send cold North Westerly winds hurtling towards the UK which will see temperatures plummet.

These strong winds will blow in regular heavy snow showers by Tuesday and onwards right up to the weekend.

This will see those in the most prone areas, Western Scotland, North West England & Northern Ireland with as much as half a metre of snow!

However despite these areas seeing the worst of conditions just about anywhere is likely to see snow fall as the showers are blown right across the UK at times resulting in blizzard conditions!

So enjoy the next 4 or 5 days if you like this calmer weather as things are soon to get interesting once again!

We will provide a detailed update at the weekend.