Will the UK get America’s huge SNOWSTORM?

One of the most common comments we see whenever the U.S has severe winter weather is ‘We will get that in a couple of weeks time’.

So is there any truth in this statement?

Well Yes & No.

Weather systems in the Northern hemisphere tend to head eastwards powered along by the jet stream.

This of course means weather systems to the UK’s West (America/Canada area) head in our general direction.

However the Atlantic is a large body of relatively warm water.

This modifies any weather systems as it heads in our direction so what once may have produced Cold/Snowy weather one side of the ocean will result in a spell of general wet & windy weather for us.

(There will be occasions when cold air over the UK prior to such weather systems reaching the UK can result in snowfall however the system itself would not be bringing the cold air.)

That is also presuming the weather system that would have gave snowfall to the U.S heads directly towards the UK.

Many systems will pass to the North or South or even weaken to the point they are no longer recognisable as the storm that they once were.

So unfortunately for anyone who was hoping for a mammoth snow storm in two weeks time im afraid to say dont get your hopes up.