Widespread snowfall preceding bitterly cold easterly this weekend!

Colder conditions are being felt right across the UK today with a bit of everything being thrown in from the skies.

Rain, Hail, Sleet & Snow have all been seen across the UK with much more of the later expected over the coming days.

Saturday morning is shaping up to be the main cause for concern as a band of precipitation is expected to turn to snowfall over central areas from roughly the North midlands Northwards.

This band could well see up to 10cms in places even for lower levels as heavy persistant snowfall sets in.

Currently the southern extent is uncertain and it is worth keeping tuned to the forecasts as the risk could push into areas as far South as Northamptonshire.

Following on from Saturday mornings snow the risk will largely be of ice.

Temperatures are expected to tumble quickly Saturday evening with a sharp frost right across the British Isles with lows of around -8c.

The extended outlook continues to suggest the UK will be placed firmly in the freezer during February with numerous cold frosty and snowy days so it may be worth keeping that fire lit and them wooly jumpers at the ready.

Finally we will have an update tomorrow as the high resolution models will help provide the detail on Saturdays snowfall.