UK Braces for Thundersnow, Blizzards, Heavy downpours and winds of up to 80MPH in a week of wild weather!

As you could probably tell by the headline, Everything bar the kitchen sink is thrown into the mix this week.

Many areas will see snow overnight and into Tuesday, Particularly in the West of Scotland, NW England, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Alot of this will be in the form of showers which will be somewhat hit and miss however they will be particularly heavy with the possibility of thundersnow due to the unstable air being dragged in all the way from Greenland.

The snowy scene will continue right across the UK up until Wednesday evening when a storm roles in off the Atlantic bringing powerful winds and possible flooding to coastal areas overnight for Southern Scotland/Northern England.

As this storm moves through those on the northern extent (Largely Scotland) will see a spell of snow that could bring with it up to 15cms on top of that seen previously with heavy rain for many areas elsewhere.

In the wake of this storm the conditions will quickly cool down again bringing further snow showers right up until the weekend!

If you want to enjoy some of the highest falls of snow this coming week then perhaps now is a time to head to either Nevis Range or Glencoe Mountain with over 1 metre expected.