Risk of significant snow across the UK on Sunday!

A large area of heavy precipitation is expected to push in across the UK on Sunday heralding a change to slightly milder conditions.

However the initial edge of this will rapidly turn to snow as it bumps into the colder air in situ across the UK.

Snowfall totals maybe limited with the majority of snow quickly turning back to rain after an hour or so however whilst snow falls there is a risk of disruption.

Current model outputs suggest upto 3″ of snow is possible for parts of the Midlands Northwards right up in to Scotland where as much as 6″ could fall.

Scotland itself is likely to see the entire band of precipitation move through in the form of snow whilst elsewhere will see a rapid thaw of any lying snow and a period of heavy rain which should clear away by 9pm.

Next week looks to start off fairly breezy with various spells of rain until around Friday when calmer, drier and potentially milder weather will hopefully be the main theme for the weekend.