Increasing risk of the ‘Beast from the East’ bringing bitterly cold conditions right across the UK!

The weather has been fairly decent this weekend with some very mild temperatures for the time of year (15c today).

However as we head into February the weather looks set to bite us with incredibly low maximums as the models hint at what many refer to as ‘The beast from the East’

Essentially the UK will see this from an area of high pressure becoming established around Scandinavia dragging the cold air all the way from Siberia.

In the past this has seen our small Island record some extremely cold nights in the region of -10c to -20c and daytime highs of between 0c and -5c.

Of course should this occur the chances of snowfall is greatly increased also with those in the East seeing a sort of Lake Effect snowfall as the relatively warm sea results in some pretty impressive convective showers to form.

Currently any detail is to far off to worry about with outputs suggesting any initial phase of this pattern making itself known around the 5th of February.

With that in mind we will be keeping a very close eye on the various model outputs and update you towards the later part of next week.