Widespread snowfall preceding bitterly cold easterly this weekend!

Colder conditions are being felt right across the UK today with a bit of everything being thrown in from the skies.

Rain, Hail, Sleet & Snow have all been seen across the UK with much more of the later expected over the coming days.

Saturday morning is shaping up to be the main cause for concern as a band of precipitation is expected to turn to snowfall over central areas from roughly the North midlands Northwards.

This band could well see up to 10cms in places even for lower levels as heavy persistant snowfall sets in.

Currently the southern extent is uncertain and it is worth keeping tuned to the forecasts as the risk could push into areas as far South as Northamptonshire.

Following on from Saturday mornings snow the risk will largely be of ice.

Temperatures are expected to tumble quickly Saturday evening with a sharp frost right across the British Isles with lows of around -8c.

The extended outlook continues to suggest the UK will be placed firmly in the freezer during February with numerous cold frosty and snowy days so it may be worth keeping that fire lit and them wooly jumpers at the ready.

Finally we will have an update tomorrow as the high resolution models will help provide the detail on Saturdays snowfall.



Increasing risk of the ‘Beast from the East’ bringing bitterly cold conditions right across the UK!

The weather has been fairly decent this weekend with some very mild temperatures for the time of year (15c today).

However as we head into February the weather looks set to bite us with incredibly low maximums as the models hint at what many refer to as ‘The beast from the East’

Essentially the UK will see this from an area of high pressure becoming established around Scandinavia dragging the cold air all the way from Siberia.

In the past this has seen our small Island record some extremely cold nights in the region of -10c to -20c and daytime highs of between 0c and -5c.

Of course should this occur the chances of snowfall is greatly increased also with those in the East seeing a sort of Lake Effect snowfall as the relatively warm sea results in some pretty impressive convective showers to form.

Currently any detail is to far off to worry about with outputs suggesting any initial phase of this pattern making itself known around the 5th of February.

With that in mind we will be keeping a very close eye on the various model outputs and update you towards the later part of next week.


Heavy Snow blankets parts of the UK

So how are the conditions where you are this morning?

Many in the UK are seeing heavy snowfall as a band of Rain, Sleet and Snow pushes in from the West.

On its Eastern flank this band is largely snow with many reports of hazardous driving conditions with snow readily sticking to all surfaces.

As the day progresses the snow will slowly turn to rain from the West as milder air moves in which will herald a change to warmer conditions for all as we start the new working week.

So if you want to build a snowman get out there why you can, If you need to travel perhaps consider holding off an hour or two if it is still currently snowing.

Otherwise enjoy your sunday.

Risk of significant snow across the UK on Sunday!

A large area of heavy precipitation is expected to push in across the UK on Sunday heralding a change to slightly milder conditions.

However the initial edge of this will rapidly turn to snow as it bumps into the colder air in situ across the UK.

Snowfall totals maybe limited with the majority of snow quickly turning back to rain after an hour or so however whilst snow falls there is a risk of disruption.

Current model outputs suggest upto 3″ of snow is possible for parts of the Midlands Northwards right up in to Scotland where as much as 6″ could fall.

Scotland itself is likely to see the entire band of precipitation move through in the form of snow whilst elsewhere will see a rapid thaw of any lying snow and a period of heavy rain which should clear away by 9pm.

Next week looks to start off fairly breezy with various spells of rain until around Friday when calmer, drier and potentially milder weather will hopefully be the main theme for the weekend.


UK Braces for Thundersnow, Blizzards, Heavy downpours and winds of up to 80MPH in a week of wild weather!

As you could probably tell by the headline, Everything bar the kitchen sink is thrown into the mix this week.

Many areas will see snow overnight and into Tuesday, Particularly in the West of Scotland, NW England, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Alot of this will be in the form of showers which will be somewhat hit and miss however they will be particularly heavy with the possibility of thundersnow due to the unstable air being dragged in all the way from Greenland.

The snowy scene will continue right across the UK up until Wednesday evening when a storm roles in off the Atlantic bringing powerful winds and possible flooding to coastal areas overnight for Southern Scotland/Northern England.

As this storm moves through those on the northern extent (Largely Scotland) will see a spell of snow that could bring with it up to 15cms on top of that seen previously with heavy rain for many areas elsewhere.

In the wake of this storm the conditions will quickly cool down again bringing further snow showers right up until the weekend!

If you want to enjoy some of the highest falls of snow this coming week then perhaps now is a time to head to either Nevis Range or Glencoe Mountain with over 1 metre expected.



Winter set to return with Nationwide snowfall, Blizzards & up to half a metre of snow!

The UK has seen a bit of a lull this week in terms of the weather.

Great if you need to be out and about but other than a bit of fog there hasn’t been much to talk about.

AllĀ  thats about to change as winter returns.

On Monday a large powerful area of low pressure will send cold North Westerly winds hurtling towards the UK which will see temperatures plummet.

These strong winds will blow in regular heavy snow showers by Tuesday and onwards right up to the weekend.

This will see those in the most prone areas, Western Scotland, North West England & Northern Ireland with as much as half a metre of snow!

However despite these areas seeing the worst of conditions just about anywhere is likely to see snow fall as the showers are blown right across the UK at times resulting in blizzard conditions!

So enjoy the next 4 or 5 days if you like this calmer weather as things are soon to get interesting once again!

We will provide a detailed update at the weekend.

Will the UK get America’s huge SNOWSTORM?

One of the most common comments we see whenever the U.S has severe winter weather is ‘We will get that in a couple of weeks time’.

So is there any truth in this statement?

Well Yes & No.

Weather systems in the Northern hemisphere tend to head eastwards powered along by the jet stream.

This of course means weather systems to the UK’s West (America/Canada area) head in our general direction.

However the Atlantic is a large body of relatively warm water.

This modifies any weather systems as it heads in our direction so what once may have produced Cold/Snowy weather one side of the ocean will result in a spell of general wet & windy weather for us.

(There will be occasions when cold air over the UK prior to such weather systems reaching the UK can result in snowfall however the system itself would not be bringing the cold air.)

That is also presuming the weather system that would have gave snowfall to the U.S heads directly towards the UK.

Many systems will pass to the North or South or even weaken to the point they are no longer recognisable as the storm that they once were.

So unfortunately for anyone who was hoping for a mammoth snow storm in two weeks time im afraid to say dont get your hopes up.