Snow clearing away but there’s plenty more to come!

Large parts of the UK saw some incredibly heavy snowfall through the early hours with Thundersnow witnessed in the Rugby area!

As major roads became impassable snow ploughs took to the streets to help those stranded.

This afternoon will see that band of snow clear away to the South East so we’re taking a look at when and if any more snow is on its way.

So is it a case of IF or When?

That one is simple, When.

Snow looks set to return to the UK on more than one occasion over the next 5-7 days with the first noticeable falls expected on Friday for areas of Northern England and Scotland with the snowfall lingering all day for areas near the Lake District. This could see anything between 2 and 10cms depending on altitude.

Further ahead sees the Scottish Highlands battered by snowfall on numerous occasions before the risk extends south of the border once again later next week.

At such range any details are not certain so we will update you on that nearer the time.