1 METER of Snow to bury Scotland as the UK faces weeks of further snowfalls!

Remember the heavy snow a couple of weeks back, Or a couple of days ago or maybe even today?

Well theres going to be even more, Tomorrow and the day after and the day after!

Infact for parts of Scotland snow could fall every day over the next two weeks with totals in the Highlands of up to 100cms!

The snowiest spell for years looks extremely likely as the UK becomes locked in a cold yet wet pattern with regular snowfalls.

Scotland as expected will retain the coldest air so those in England, Wales, Ireland and N.I can still expect some wet and slightly less cold days however even further South snowfall will never be to far away.

Many highly rated weather models suggest snow will continue to be a threat for Scotland with 2 or 3 incursions elsewhere over the next 10 days which could produce more significant snowfalls as we head in to January.

All this is following on from a Winter that has seen many areas experience the most snow since the Bitter winter of 2010!