1 METER of Snow to bury Scotland as the UK faces weeks of further snowfalls!

Remember the heavy snow a couple of weeks back, Or a couple of days ago or maybe even today?

Well theres going to be even more, Tomorrow and the day after and the day after!

Infact for parts of Scotland snow could fall every day over the next two weeks with totals in the Highlands of up to 100cms!

The snowiest spell for years looks extremely likely as the UK becomes locked in a cold yet wet pattern with regular snowfalls.

Scotland as expected will retain the coldest air so those in England, Wales, Ireland and N.I can still expect some wet and slightly less cold days however even further South snowfall will never be to far away.

Many highly rated weather models suggest snow will continue to be a threat for Scotland with 2 or 3 incursions elsewhere over the next 10 days which could produce more significant snowfalls as we head in to January.

All this is following on from a Winter that has seen many areas experience the most snow since the Bitter winter of 2010!



Snow clearing away but there’s plenty more to come!

Large parts of the UK saw some incredibly heavy snowfall through the early hours with Thundersnow witnessed in the Rugby area!

As major roads became impassable snow ploughs took to the streets to help those stranded.

This afternoon will see that band of snow clear away to the South East so we’re taking a look at when and if any more snow is on its way.

So is it a case of IF or When?

That one is simple, When.

Snow looks set to return to the UK on more than one occasion over the next 5-7 days with the first noticeable falls expected on Friday for areas of Northern England and Scotland with the snowfall lingering all day for areas near the Lake District. This could see anything between 2 and 10cms depending on altitude.

Further ahead sees the Scottish Highlands battered by snowfall on numerous occasions before the risk extends south of the border once again later next week.

At such range any details are not certain so we will update you on that nearer the time.

Parts of the UK could see a White Christmas!

Just over a week until Christmas and it looks as though it may be a white one for some!

The weather pattern being shown is largely Westerly however occasional Arctic incursions look likely with one being shown as we head in to Christmas day.

The cold air will be modified somewhat by the warm Atlantic due to being pushed south to the West of the UK prior to pushing across our shores.

The areas at the biggest risk will be the usual suspects with Scotland, NW England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Northern parts of Ireland seeing wintry showers.

Unfortunately any settling snow at this stage looks unlikely but even a short period of snowfall should help to make it feel extra Christmassy.

FREEZING temperatures as low as -12c expected across England tonight!

After the snow comes the bitter cold temperatures.

Many places have seen several inches of snow over the past few days with parts of Wales seeing in excess of a foot of snow!

As we go in tonight the skies will clear and many areas with snow on the ground will see temperatures tumble from highs of between -1 to +2 all the way down to -12c in some rural parts.

This will then lead to an Ice day for some on tuesday as temperatures fail to recover above zero.

Looking further ahead milder air is expected with some rain around on wednesday before colder weather returns for the end of the week.



36 hour SNOWSTORM set to bring up to a foot of snow to the UK on Sunday!

The cold air is here and there has already been up 5 inches of snow in parts of Wales & the West Midlands.

But the biggest threat for many of us is shaping up for Sunday as a dangerous snow storm moves in.

The heavy band of rain is expected to clash with the cold air currently in place over the British Isles and where that occurs large falls look likely.

Earlier today the UK Met Office upgraded the warning from a yellow warning to amber saying “10 cm looks likely quite widely within the warning area, with 15-20 cm in places.”

They also stated the risk for some rural areas to be cut off as the snow sets in for such a long period.

By Monday there is an additional risk of blizzard conditions as winds are expected to strengthen.

Check out our chart below where we have took a blend of the latest model predictions to give you an idea of snowfall amounts in various areas…

Warnings issued! HEAVY Snowfall set to blanket the UK as Storm Caroline opens the floodgates to bitter Arctic air!

An outbreak of freezing winter weather is expected to bring snowfall across many parts of the UK over the coming days with warnings of 20cm+ falling across many areas!

The third named storm of the season ‘Caroline’ will sweep to the East of Scotland throughout Thursday with powerful winds sending Arctic air rushing South.

These strong winds will see the bitter conditions spread south very quickly and introduce heavy snow showers which may merge to provide longer spells in certain areas by Friday.

Much of Scotland, North West England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Wales and parts of the Midlands are at particular risk.

Initially there is the expectation that there will be varying amounts over relatively small areas as is often the case in showery set ups however on Sunday an area of Low pressure is expected to cross Southern parts of the UK bringing an organised area of snow approximately 150-200miles wide blanketing a large area with as much as 10cms on top of what may have already fallen.

The exact track of the low pressure is still to be nailed down but current model outputs would see Wales particularly hard hit.

This band of snow will finally clear the South East by around midnight with freezing temperatures leading to icy conditions for Monday morning as the mercury falls as low as -10c across the snow fields in Wales and -2 to -5c elsewhere.