WINTER Storm to produce HEAVY snowfall this weekend with low lying areas at risk of 20cms!

So Scotland is pretty much a sure fire bet to see a pasting over the next 4-5 days with a Met Office warning already in place for up to 20cms.

And we feel that Northern parts of Scotland along with the Highlands will exceed that total with as much as 50cms by Sunday.

However having seen the messages you guys send us what you really want to know is whether the snow starved areas in low lying England, Wales or Ireland will see some.

This is where the headache begins.

The GFS, UKMO and Arpege forecasting models all indicate a Northerly wind bringing cold air south whilst a second area of low pressure pushes in across South West England heading in a North East direction through Saturday.

This Low pressure will interact with the cold air that has been sent flooding Southwards across the UK and snow will become widespread West of the the low pressures centre.

The heaviest snow will fall somewhere in the circle shown in the image below which will be to the North West of the low pressure.

With still plenty of time to change its worth remembering the exact positioning of this will be subject to change which in turn will change the areas at risk but for now this is the most likely scenario.

We will have an update tomorrow.