UK to remain locked in a bitterly cold pattern for another week with further heavy snowfalls!

The weather today will be a touch warmer than yesterday but the cold spell isnt finished yet!

Next week we will see a second wave of Arctic air head southwards bringing some heavy snowfall for a time for part of Scotland with 10-15cms of snow likely Monday into Tuesday.

By Tuesday all parts of the UK will once again be under the influence of the cold air with some areas seeing wintry showers particularly in the East.

As we head towards the latter part of the week high pressure will be close by reducing the threat of any snowfall however sharp frosts are likely, More so in the far South East of the UK.

Further ahead we see High pressure edge North West towards Greenland as another Northerly outbreak takes hold giving some areas a high chance of seeing further Snowfall.

As we alluded to back in October (Increase in Northern Blocking) high pressure in the Atlantic is proving quite a barrier to the typical Westerly flow and with the tendency to try and push into the Polar regions the frequency of Northerly winds blasting the UK looks to remain high. If this continues throughout winter many across the UK will see some snow falling.