Bitterly Cold air moving over the entire UK with Heavy Snow in Scotland & Wintry showers elsewhere!

The weather is currently taking a turn for the colder with Scotland having already seen some quite widespread falls of snow.

As we go through today and into weekend the whole of the UK plunged into this bitterly cold arctic air.

By friday temperatures will remain below zero for Scotland with a continuation of the snowfall particularly in Western areas whilst further South max temperatures will be around 5-6c.

There will also be Snowfall for parts of England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales however latest model outputs have backed away from any large frontal snowfall event with the risk of any widespread falls reduced. Wintry showers restricted to Western areas producing temporary coverings is now the most favoured outcome.

Looking further ahead to the beginning of next week shows a risk of heavy snowfall for Scotland with the potential for 10cms+ quite widely before winds veer more towards a North Easterly direction giving those along the east side of both Scotland and England a chance of wintry showers Tuesday into Wednesday.