Stormy weather set to continue as Storm Brian is next to smash in to Ireland followed by wales & parts of England!

Parts of the UK are reeling in the aftermath of Ophelia, However the stormy weather looks set to return in time for the weekend!

Potentially the 2nd UK named storm of the season could see winds pack a punch of 70-80MPH.

The Met Office is yet to officially name this one as there is scope for changes in the strength, However South East Ireland, Wales & the South West of England look to be in the firing line.

The timings currently see the South East of Ireland bare the brunt around 3am Saturday morning before Wales and the South West of England Face the most dangerous conditions between 6am and midday. Whilst these areas are likely to see the strongest winds during the middle of the day parts of the midlands will also see wind gusts of 40-60mph.

With time for things to change this is one storm we will keep an eye on and update you with over the next few days.