With all the talk of Major Hurricanes the question has been will they now affect the UK?

The question is often asked whenever Hurricanes make the news and this year is no different.

So first and foremost Irma is heading into the States and will weaken rapidly to become a general area of low pressure.

Jose is expected to head north and curve back towards the UK. However this will lead to significant weakening as the cooler water temperatures will prevent Jose maintaining the strength is has right now.

Aside from this high pressure is trying to establish itself nearer to the UK over the next week which if established will divert any remnants (Which by this stage will be no more than a general area of low pressure) to the north west of the UK.

Finally just to clear up, Can the UK get Hurricanes?

The answer is a resounding “NO”.

Yes we can get hurricane force winds as many experienced in 1987 however that was not a hurricane. For an area of low pressure to be classed as such they have to form over warm waters far higher than that around the UK and have sustained winds of at least 74MPH. The later is potentially possible but the sea temps will never be high enough.