Hurricanes MARIA & LEE combine to form a Giant Atlantic SUPERSTORM that is set to smash into Britain!

Currently two Hurricanes are lurking out in the Atlantic but look increasingly likely to interact with each  other when they near British shores!

Maria currently has maximum sustained winds near 70mph but some slight weakening is forecast before a potential convergence with Hurricane Lee at the weekend.

At 4am BST, the NHC update said Hurricane Lee was last located about 570 miles east-southeast of Bermuda.

It was moving west at 9mph but is expected to swing around and begin heading northeast through the Atlantic within the next two days.

Lee currently has sustained winds of 110mph, making it category 2. The hurricane will turn into a major category 3 hurricane today before weakening begins tomorrow.

The potential caused by Maria and Lee coming together could give rise to the UK’s second named storm of the season.

Both hurricanes are located around the northeast coast of America but we expect them to get together around Sunday.

The jet stream is powering up and as it swings southwards towards the end of the week it will help steer the remnants of these storms towards the UK.

Current forecasts show the North of the UK seeing the strongest winds however the potential is for a small area of Low pressure to develop in the jet stream further south in the UK which could bring damaging wind gusts should one form. At this range small developments are not possible to forecast but it will be something we keep a close eye on.