Model output hints at a week long 30c Heatwave for the UK!

So summer seemingly left the UK many moons ago however one model output (The GFS) has been hinting at a significant heatwave from the end of next week.

The big question is will the GFS be correct or has it got its wires crossed.

Currently there is some support to the output being shown however one of the other most trusted model outputs the ECMWF refuses to show such promising charts.

With that in mind and the length of time until such heatwave may or may not start confidence has to be low at around 20%.

The most likely scenario is a watered down outcome with best conditions towards the South East. That in itself may be an improvement on recent weeks.

So until we get some more certainty lets just bask in what the GFS shows for now and have all our fingers, legs and anything else crossed that it comes off…

Temps begin to rise sunday 25-27c possible

Heatwave if full swing by Tuesday with 30c likely hit in one or two areas…

Even by the following Sunday hot temperatures persist with 33-35c as potential highs