Flood Warnings become widespread as a day of torrential rain batters the South East.

Its been constantly persisting down out there and the rainfall continues.

All the while river levels are rising rapidly and as such the Flood Warning Information Service has put out 14 Alerts.

The number has been rising steadily all day with many more expected over the coming hours as an unprecedented 80mm (3.2″) of rain falls over a large swathe of the South East.

Flooding had already been seen in Grimsby on Tuesday with the Abandonment of the football game between Grimsby and Derby County.

Earlier today Highbury & Islington tube stations were shut because of the flooding with warnings to train passengers to expect delays on other routes aswell.

Thankfully its not all bad news as forecasters have said conditions are set to improve later this evening however with a largely dry day expected on Thursday.

For advice on the flood warning: https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/