Europe heatwave continues but what about the UK?

So if your in the UK all the talk of how hot it is in Europe probably hasn’t helped gloss over the lack of any heat for this small part of the world over the past few weeks.

The end of Spring and start of Summer actually started well with dry and warm, Sometimes hot conditions. Remember the 5 consecutive days we saw temperatures over 30c?

No me neither. Seems like an age ago now.

Don’t panic just yet though, The first green shoots are starting to appear in the model outputs and into a semi reliable timeframe.

By midweek high pressure looks set to move close to the UK bringing calmer and sunnier weather once again.

Initially temperatures are not expected to hit the heady heights of June but we should see 22-25c once again.

Beyond this high pressure wants to hang on around the UK for sometime so there is every chance if it falls into the right position we can tap into that incredible heatwave the rest of Europe are enjoying/enduring.