Violent Thunderstorms on the way as Met Office weather Warning is issued!

Tomorrow night will see the UK faced with a severe threat of Thunderstorms.

Back on the 6th of July the UK saw over 11000 strikes however the potential is there for even more strikes over a larger area to catch a storm this time round.

The Risk once again will be from Frequent lightning, Large hail, Flash flooding and strong winds.

As always with thunderstorms, there will be some areas getting battered and others seeing very little.

The main areas for Tuesday evening/night are southern Britain and Wales with the threat moving northwards through the Midlands. There is low confidence about how far west/east the storms will sway however the most severe storms look likely along the south coast tuesday evening and then again later on Wednesday as the storms reach further North/North East.

Aside from the storms the next three days will also see some warm/hot temperatures with 30c possible in the East by Wednesday.