UK Battered by over 100,000 Lightning Strikes

The UK has seen one of the most dramatic 24 hour periods of Thunderstorms for many years with well over 100,000 recorded strikes at the time of writing (3am) in just the last 24 hours!

The Lightning strikes are far from over yet however and the final number from this spell of severe weather could finish at over 250,000 strikes.

The unprecedented barrage of Lightning has come about from hot moist air pushing North from our near neighbours aided by an area of low pressure that has brought instability into the mix.

Its not just the Lightning making the headlines as flash flooding has caused misery for thousands especially those in Coverack, Cornwall which saw a wall of water flood down through the village not dissimilar to the flash flooding in Boscastle back in 2004.

Throughout the remainder of the day Thunderstorms currently active are expected to continue to move northwards before we see a return to warm if not hot weather in the Midlands & South East which could trigger yet more lively thunderstorms later in the day.