Temperatures to hit 30c with Thunderstorms for the end of the week!

The nicer weather has been with those in the south for a couple of days already with 24/25c over the weekend just gone.

This isn’t the end of the nice weather however and as the week progresses the temperature will increase.

On Tuesday those in the South East will see 25/26c whilst the Majority of England see temperatures between 20 and 22c.

By wednesday the heat increases and for many in England & Wales temperatures will be up to 25/26c with top temperatures in the south of up to 28c.

Thursday follows a similar pattern with regards to temperature but by then the chance of a thunderstorm will increase especially for those along the South coast and to the West of England and Wales.

Friday looks set to be the day to finish work early as temperatures look like pushing through the 30c barrier however the risk of catching a thunderstorm is still there so be prepared if your half way through the BBQ.

As for the weekend and next week, Early indications are for England and Wales to hold on to some nice weather however as you would probably expect the further North you are the lower the temperature and the higher chance of seeing some rain.

As we stated just the other day & back at the start of May,  This summer (Touch wood) is shaping up to be a nice one.

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