Severe Thunderstorms Tuesday into Wednesday followed by potentially record breaking 40c heatwave late July!

Thunderstorms are all the talk as we head towards tuesday however the potential for record breaking heat as we hinted at earlier on this month is now becoming a real possibility!

Tuesday & Wednesday will see severe thunderstorms push up from the south and head north Tuesday evening and throughout the day Wednesday before finally clearing.

This will lead to somewhat fresher conditions for a time however model forecasts are predicting the hottest spell of the summer is just around the corner and this time things could get very very hot!

The Hottest temperature ever recorded in the UK was 38.5c in Faversham, Kent back in 2003.

This looks to be seriously under threat if the end of the month plays out like current outputs suggest with a large area of high pressure situated over mainland Europe and low pressure out to the West drawing up those Hot conditions.

However dont book the days off work just yet as its a long way off in weather terms and lots can change but its something to keep an eye on.