BBQ Summer increasingly likely for the UK Say Forecasters!

So why is it increasingly likely?

Well over the past 8 months the UK has seen a reduced amount of rainfall due to the ribbon of air high in the atmosphere known as the jet stream.

Usually the UK expects this ribbon of fast moving air to power along storms in the direction of the UK dumping large amounts of rainfall, Last season for example saw 11 named storms however this season we have only had 5.

With the Jetstream weaker it has tended to be distorted frequently allowing high pressure to dominate over or close to the UK.

So whilst that has resulted in fairly mundane weather it has also been dry. During the summer however high pressure being dominant will result in warm/hot sunny days.

So if you want a hot & sunny summer lets hope this trend continues.

The MetOffice is set to release their long range summer forecast in the near future so we will have an update on the likelihood of this then.