Britain Set to Bake in the HOTTEST summer for 100 years!

Yup you guessed it, the summer is fast approaching and the stories of a BBQ summer are mounting up.

So is there any genuine forecasting behind it…

Well, No. At such distance long range forecasts have a success rate that is about as accurate as you or me saying its going to be 28celcius for 5 days in the final week of July and getting it right.

The Met Office tends to pick up on trends that may increase the likelihood of one outcome or another but as we saw from the Winter just gone in the UK, Numerous pointers towards a colder than average winter failed to deliver. Like the guys at the Met Office themselves say, Just because something favours one outcome it doesn’t mean that its the only possibility.

So if you want to stay in the know for the summer take anything past around 10days with a pinch of salt.

Still im sure many of us are hoping The Express and co who have us down for the HOTTEST SUMMER since records began may get lucky.