Winter to return to the UK with over half a meter of snow!

Enjoying the milder weather? Well make the most of it.

As we enter the start of next week the mild air is slowly pushed to one side to make way for colder conditions by Wednesday onwards, With those in the north feeling the chill.

The Scottish mountains are first inline for what could see them receive over half a meter of snow in just a few days with huge drifts which will hopefully be a much needed boost to the dreadful skiing season which is currently one of the worst in recent memory.

For those in Engand, Wales & NI the risk is somewhat muted however the risk is there for some to see snowfall between Thursday evening & Friday morning.

The models are still unsure how far south the jet will dive and subsequently how much cold air will be dragged down the country as a whole so we will have a further update on Tuesday if the risk is still there along with further detail for who may see some snow.