BEAST from the East due to bring more snowfall with bitterly cold temperatures!

A second bout of icy weather is set to blast in and this time its all the way from Siberia.

Met Office forecaster Emma Sharples said…

“Cold will last into the weekend before it turns slightly milder on Sunday and into Monday, but then we are expecting another dip as cold air heads back towards the UK, this time from the East.”

This will bring the possibility of the coldest spell the UK has seen this winter with overnight temperatures falling as low as -15c!

Pensions Minister Richard Harrington said: “I would encourage everyone to check on elderly relatives or neighbours  and make sure they are warm enough and claiming the support they are entitled to.”

Whilst the RAC warned drivers grit becomes less effective below minus 5C and stops working below minus 10C.

It still early days with regards to the next blast of cold weather so we will have another update in a few days time to pin down the important details.

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