Britain to be hit with FREEZING Arctic winds and Heavy Snow to start 2017!

The weather models are starting to firm up on the first proper blast of Freezing arctic air for some time with the whole country set to see temperatures tumble with heavy snow a real possibility.

The cold air is set to become established across the UK on New years days as a cold front bringing a wintry mix heads south leaving the entire country in frigid air by the end of the day.

This will then see us stuck in bitterly cold air for a fair number of days. Initially the flow of arctic air looks to be cut short after just a day or two before a second bout brings temperatures down once again with an increased risk of heavy snowfall as areas of low pressure try to make in roads.

It still to far off for any detail of exactly who may or may not see snow so we will have an update later in the week.

So from what was an incredibly mild Christmas to a very cold new year. Don’t you just love the British weather.

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