The UK set for Heavy Snow and Freezing temperatures as we start December!

So it looks like winter is going to start with proper winter weather for many of us!

A number of the weather forecasting models have been hinting at an arctic outbreak for a number of days and as we close in on the start of winter confidence amongst forecasters is growing.

Were not going to start with how much snow and for who as pinning down that detail is to far off to be worth mentioning.

However the pattern most likely for this period will see winds from the North or North-West initially bringing snow for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northwest England.


The risk doesn’t end there though, Once cold air is established the possibility of more general snowfall as low pressure crosses the UK is increased and could see areas such as the Midlands and the south east at risk.


Its certainly shaping up to be an interesting period of weather. We will have a further update closer to the time along with any early warnings of snowfall including where and how much should it be required.

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