UK to be plunged into Arctic conditions with the first major SNOWFALLS delivering as much as 50cm to hit this week! ExtremeWeather

Remember what snow looks like?

Well don’t panic if you don’t. Things look set to change as we go through this week with the first Major snowfalls of the season.

The winds are set to come from a Northerly direction whilst low pressure provides the moisture needed for some  high fall totals for the Highlands and Northern parts of Scotland by Thursday, With warnings totals could reach 50cm!

The snowfall will not be exclusive to those North of English/Scottish border however and as the weekend edges nearer the snowfall becomes more widespread.

By Friday Northern England & Northern Ireland are also like to see Snow showers pushing into Western areas with the risk extending to Wales by Saturday.

As we look past this week the trend follows our initial thoughts with Blocking (similar to the picture shown below) in the Atlantic producing regular cold periods with the potential for snowfall.

Blocking High allowing the UK to be flooded with cold air from the Arctic

Northern Blocking to increase likelihood of a bitter winter