Snow showers intensifying for parts of the UK…

As we go through today the intensity and distribution of Snow showers will increase considerably.

Over the last day or two the main bulk of snowfall albeit light has been restricted to Scotland and the eastern fringes of England with only some of us seeing the odd flurry elsewhere.

Throughout today and into the weekend however snowfall is likely to become more widespread.

Unfortunately we are not expecting widespread heavy snowfall with only favoured areas (Those that find themselves in the heaviest showers which will be hit and miss) and those with height seeing the snow settle.

Across the pond A nor’easter dumped nearly a foot of snow on New York City with bitterly cold temperatures expected to continue.

The snow has now stopped falling in the city, but residents should watch for falling ice from buildings and bridges as temperatures continue to drop.

As of 5 p.m yesterday, the National Weather Service reported 10 inches of snow at LaGuardia, 8.3 inches at JFK and 9.5 inches at Central Park.

Now if only the UK could manage that so we can dust of the old sledge!